The Fundamentals of Action Photography

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Action by its very definition tells us that something is in motion. But still, photos are still. When you are a beginner, you wonder can you express motion in a still photo. Action photography is one of the toughest to master but with a careful combination of timing, laws of physics, gear settings and talent can make the perfect action shot a reality.
Action Photography becomes a bit more challenging when you are shooting a fashion model. Along with the technicalities involved, important things to keep in mind are
1. Pre focusing- Pre focusing is a very crucial element of action photography. It involves locking the focus of your camera on the scene where you plan to carry out the shoots. You should try using AF to lock onto the spot then switch to manual focus so that you stay focused on that spot. Employing this trick will lower the lag time between pressing the shutter release button and actual image taking.
2. Shutter Lag- To learn the timings aspect of the Action Photography, you’ll need to learn Shutter lag of your camera. To determine the shutter lag delay of your camera, first, take the test (sample) image and observe the lag. Observe how long it takes so that you can pre-shoot to compensate for the lag. Normally it is just a matter of seconds, but in action Photography especially when shooting fashion models, time is of prime importance to take that perfect shot.
3. Panning- While you are shooting with fashion models for a ramp walk, Panning can come handy for the clearer clicks. In other words, consider following the model you are shooting with your camera as you snap the photograph. Panning actually helps in taking clearer photos of a subject in motion than when clicking it while you’re holding it still.
4. Flash- Using your camera flash to your advantage is also a great tactic to get that perfect action sequence. Use flash when you are close to the object and when the scene is dark. This technique will lock the action and highlight the subject even more.
5. Open Your Aperture- To get the high shutter speed required, you’ll need to open your aperture wide. You can manage if you have a very fast lens (f/2.8 or f/4) but if you are using cheaper lenses, open your lens wide to get as much light as possible. It might come in handy when you are working with fashion models.
6. Use Burst Mode- When it comes to frequent ramp walks and fashion weeks, it becomes difficult to keep up with the pace so it is wise to use your camera in continuous shooting mode or burst mode so that you can take 5 or 6 shots at a time.
7. Up your ISO- Even with your aperture wide open, you might struggle to bring forth that scene because of fast shutter speed; therefore, it is better to increase your ISO speed.
8. Go for JPEG- Although it is advised to go for RAW shooting for better image quality, for action photography and shooting fashion models, speed is the most important thing and JPEG will let you capture more pictures at a time in Burst mode.
Summarily, in Action Photography focussed on fashion, it is always better to learn some techniques which will help you a great deal in clicking the best photos you can.

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