Malaysia Tailor Made-Suit Affordability

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When visiting south Asia, it is imperative to you have the beautiful country of Malaysia on your travel itinerary. Malaysia is a country partly located on the Asian mainland and partly on the northern third of the island of Borneo.
While having a feel of Malay Peninsula, you come to know that ‘Baju Melayu’ is the traditional outfit of this traditional yet developing country. Among other things like sea food, great beaches, and shopping, the Tailor Made Suit business has carved a niche for itself.
Types of Suits to Get Tailor-made in Malaysia
A suit is a wardrobe necessity. Let’s check out the Malaysian suit types you would want to get tailor made.
1. Slim Fit- Just like it sounds, it is appropriate for slim bodied with no excess fabric. It doesn’t mean it is like a superhero’s suit. It can be worn by different body types.
2. Portly Fit- They say,”One size doesn’t fit all”. True. The portly fit is perfect for gentlemen who prefer a larger room to move than other fits has to offer. This style has ample space in chest and body while the full leg trouser offers optimal comfort.
3. Classic Fit- The traditional type, it is easy to wear and comfortable. It has cuts throughout the waist and chest offers fewer constrictions but still maintains a clean body type.
4. Modern Fit- If you are between the age group of 25 to 40, this is the best suit type for you. This type is between Classic and Slim fit. It is not very boxy but it has a larger room than a slim fit. It is a perfect fit for guys who want a little more than a classic piece but sure about pulling off a slim fit.
5. Tuxedo- A tuxedo is a semi formal evening suit distinguished mainly by satin or grosgrain facings on lapels of the jacket. The suit is typically black or midnight blue worn with formal shoes, shirt, and other accessories.
6. Vested three piece Suit- A waistcoat is traditionally a coat, waistcoat (Vest in the US) and trousers made of the same cloth designed to be worn together. It is generally more formal than a two piece and a little warmer because of an additional layer.
7. Bespoke- The term ‘Bespoke’ came from the word ‘Bespeak’, to speak for something. This type of clothing is made to an individual buyer’s specifications. True bespoke tailoring requires full floating canvas, detailed hand finishing and basted fitting.
Quality tailoring at affordable prices is what you get in Malaysia. However, it is not a walk in the park to get Affordable and Tailor Made Suits in Malaysia. Customers get disappointed with their tailoring experience because of two reasons.
• Inferior Quality
• Over priced tailoring services
It brings us to suggest the places which are affordable yet offer premium tailoring services in the country.

Where to Get that Suit Tailor Made in Malaysia?
1. Ah Loke Tailor (ALT)- Loke Kwong Yuen, who is at the helm of this famous tailoring unit, is a second generation owner of Ah Loke Tailor. Hailed as a classic of the classics, this Ah Loke Tailor is around from last fifty years when yuen’s father established the unit. Operating from Campbell shopping complex back in 50s. As one of the most reputable tailors in klang Valley, customers often praised Yuen and his experienced team of tailors for their craftsmanship.
2. Allen Khoo- Allen Khoo has built a name for itself in tailoring trade since 1970. Allen Khoo has a simple philosophy for decades now- ‘ To make people look good and comfortable. Located at Ampang Park shopping complex in Kuala Lumpur, tailors at Allen Khoo have been serving customers from all walks of life. They ensure to provide the most comfortable menswear according to the taste and personality.
3. Jeremy Tok- A relatively new entrant, the mechanical engineer founder started in 2012 but made a swift progress in the field. He wanted to give the industry a new pair of hands. It specializes in hand sewn products resurrecting the traditional methods of sewing.
4. Esteem Fashion Tailor- Sam Chin is the man behind Esteem Tailor. He has more than 30 years of experience and specializes in formal suits and men’s wear. Whether you are a professional or a student, they cater to you with best of craftsmanship.
5. Galaxy Tailor- The best place to get that affordable suit in the middle of the city since 1983, they are well known for their comfortable and elegant tailor made suits.
So if you are on a shopping spree in Malaysia and need those Affordable Malaysian Suits specially designed for you, look no further and choose from the best.